2024 MINI Electric Preview and Buyers Guide

2024 MINI Electric – The famous MINI Hatch is set to be the fifth generation of the MINI Hatch in MY2024 this year. The planning for the evolution in the cycle of life is now in full swing with MINI has released the first information, as well as inviting select journalists to take an excursion on test vehicles. The line-up includes the 2024 MINI Cooper, the MINI Electric (2024 MINI Cooper SE), and the second Generation MINI Cooper Electric.

2024 MINI Electric
2024 MINI Electric

2024 MINI Electric Redesign

The new generation MINI Electric (codename: MINI J01) and its predecessor, which is currently available in all of the U.S., is sticking to the two-door hatchback version. MINI has released images along with videos showing the concept which has been camouflaged. The spy shots indicate that the car has undergone minor modifications from earlier versions and one of them was released from China. In 2024, The MINI Electric will maintain its iconic style, as well as its European dimensions which are also street-friendly. The major changes to the front include new circular headlamps and a brand new grille that is octagonal, as and a completely new design for the hood that has prominent wrinkle lines. The hood’s design is similar to the scoop is currently used for aesthetic purposes, but this model is expected to have the same design in order to achieve the same effect. The windshield seems to have been moved forward in order to increase aerodynamics. This will significantly impact the performance. It may also improve the sensation of space, particularly in a car that is this large. The design of the side that will be used for the model 2024 MINI Electric could be more or less alike. However, the dimensions may differ quite a bit. Because it’s a custom-built electric vehicle, which isn’t feasible using the current model, it will have a bigger wheelbase and a shorter front overhang. In a report in Autocar, Its wheelbase would be forty mm/1.6 in. longer (current model: 2,495 mm/98.2 in. ) The track’s width will be increased, as shown in our rendering.

From 2024, BMW Group will exclusively make use of environmentally friendly aluminum wheels on all MINI (and BMW) models. The production of these wheels with 100% renewable energy could save about 100,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. BMW Group started sourcing aluminum made exclusively from the sun located in Dubai (UAE) in 2021. BMW Group processes the aluminum in its foundry for light metals situated in it’s Landshut facility in Germany. The rear end is immediately identified from afar because of the new taillamps which are more compact and triangular. A lengthy trim strip is extending across the tailgate, bringing together the lamps. It is possible that there’s an LED backlight concealed in the strip, however, it is not clear if there exists evidence supporting this idea as of now.


The inspiration comes from the images of spy shots that were made public online during the last period (via Twitter) Interior of the brand new MINI Cooper Electric will have an interior layout that’s already familiar for MINI owners, but it will be sporting some major adjustments to the design. MINI creators have incorporated a minimalist design and given it the car an appealing, modern, and contemporary appearance. This is especially helpful to those with a high-tech background as we expect increasing control options that will go digital. The spy image illustrates slim vertical AC vents under a tiny control panel that has retro-style buttons that can be used for audio or temperature control, as well being a large heads-up display, as well as an enormous floating touchscreen that takes on the form of mirrors for make use of as makeup tools.

2024 MINI Electric Price
2024 MINI Electric Price

Platform & Specifications

The foundation of the new-generation MINI Cooper Electric will be an EV-specific platform created through China’s Great Wall Motor. Chinese Great Wall Motor. Based on the specially-designed platform it’s expected to offer more room inside and a more streamlined outside for MINI Cooper Electric. MINI Cooper Electric is currently in production. Thomas Geiger of the YouTube channel ThomasGeigerCar drove shotgun in a car and he stated that the car looks larger from the inside. The motor is smaller, and the wheelbase discussed in the earlier article is wider as well. All of which affect the effectiveness of the space.


According to an Autocar publication, the two versions of the new MINI are available for purchase. The base model will have a battery that is 40 kWh, while the most expensive “S” model will come with a battery that is 50 kWh. The battery that has 40 kWh can offer a range of around 135 miles. The 50-kWh batteries are expected to be able to travel around 250 miles on one charge. The EPA-est. model is probably less, however. MINI may not offer the standard version for sale in the United States due to the smaller range. Both models could have a single motor to power the wheels in the front and output is set to 181 horsepower for the standard model and 221 horsepower for the most powerful version.

Top speed

Geiger claimed that the electronically-controlled max speed on the next generation electronic MINI will be greater than the current model, which tops off around 150 km/h (93 mph). We anticipate the next version to be able to go up to 180km/h (112 miles per hour).

2024 MINI Electric Changes
2024 MINI Electric Changes

Lower Center of Gravity

MINI Engineer Klaus Bramer has told Auto Express that the brand new MINI Electric is equipped with a more compact center of gravity so it’s possible to create a car that is easier to maneuver and more enjoyable. Additionally, it’s lighter. MINI can also be lighter, and this will only enhance the driving experience. The model with a long-range, high-output engine, is likely to be the one that will be heading towards America U.S., and will feature more athletic features. Based on information from Autocar the latest model will sport an upward slope toward the rear of the distribution of weight.


The suspension has a similar design to the mix of MacPherson suspension struts (front) and multi-link suspension (rear). The test drive of Autocar was more stable and drivers will be satisfied with its stability. Bramer claimed to the British publication that electric power steering will give greater convenience when it comes to the next version. The brand-new traction control can help improve the handling. The system that controls traction includes a completely new motor controller. By connecting the two components to each other, their work will be faster and more active rather than passive, which will reduce how much understeer and torque steer. At a minimum during the test, it was apparent that the new system offered more traction than the previous motor that is powered by fuel MINI Hatch which was brought to the test.


The next generation of MINI Cooper Electric will take place in a brand new Chinese factory that is operated by Spotlight Automotive Limited, a joint venture between BMW Group and Great Wall Motor. It is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, the factory will have an annual capacity of 160,000 units. The next-gen electric MINI is only 15 months away from being manufactured (September 2023), as per the Autocar report, which was released on March 22, 2022. The next-gen MINI 5-door and the latest Generation MINI Convertible will begin production through the BMW Group Plant Oxford. It is thought that the latter model will come with the option of an electronic drive.

2024 MINI Electric Release Date

It is anticipated that in 2024 MINI Cooper Electric will start selling through dealers in 2024. The U.S. launch should follow closely in Europe. Like the current model, the new model is expected to be among the lowest-priced electric car models on the U.S. market. Handelsblatt published an article on June 11, 2022, claiming that MINI U.S. dealers received an exclusive look at the new design at the beginning of May 2022. According to the story, customers were so impressed with the new model that they accepted to pay the import duties which could be assessed to the model because of its Chinese origins. Through internal talks, MINI Cooper Electric might be concerned about the complexity of trade and geopolitical disputes between the two countries. It could be the only solution to ensure that MINI Cooper Electric remains MINI Cooper Electric in the hands of dealers through 2nd generation MINI Cooper Electric because the manufacturing process at BMW’s Oxford plant is set to cease.

MINI U.S. sales

BMW Group sold 6,786 units of MINI models in the U.S. in Q1 2022 and reported a 9.4 percent in the initial quarter in 2021 (6,285 number). It’s worth noting that BMW Group, the German automaker hasn’t released the exact numbers of sales for its electric MINI Cooper SE. It’s been confirmed that the MINI Cooper SE can be found one of those in the MINI Hatch 2-door family’s sales, however. MINI sold 1,843 units of Cooper/S Hardtop 2 Door in the first quarter of 2022, 4.0% higher than the first period that was 2021 (1,772 cases). MINI Electric’s new price could begin as low as USD 30,000. In Europe, In 2024 MINI Electric will rival the Honda e, Renault 5 (due in 2025), and Peugeot E-208.