2023 Toyota GR Corolla

2023 Toyota GR Corolla – Toyota has a reputation for being boring, however Toyota is working to change that perception by switching towards a sportier and thrilling lineup. We’ve witnessed the results of their efforts, since the GR86 is a fantastic car for drivers car as well as it’s the GR Supra can tear things up on the track. They’re just beginning to go on the road to making preparations to launch the 2023 GR Corolla intends to provide thrills and five doors. After just one race at Eagles Canyon Raceway, it appears that the team can deliver.

We’ll have to wait until we get to get behind the wheel of on our own, but the car is stunning when driven by a skilled race driver. While they can make anything look amazing however, they’re able to make everything look nice. GR Corolla seemed unflappable during our short trip. Thanks to an all-wheel drive mechanism as well as Turbocharged 1.6-liter 3-cylinder engine that puts out 300 HP (224 horsepower/304 PS) and 273 lb-ft (370 Nm) of torque This hatch is equipped with ample power as well as the the ability to maximize it. In terms of all-wheel drive, it’s worth noting that the GR-4 system is adjustable and offers power splits for the front and rear that are 60:40, 50:50 , 30:70. It means it is possible for the car can be rear neutral, front or front biased through the turning of an adjustment knob.

It’s certainly a fun party item, this all-wheel drive option has numerous other benefits, for instance it allowed the hatch to remain at a steady pace even after jumping off the curb and heading for grass. In addition, the GR-Four system offers plenty of grip and is aided by Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires which are wrapped around 18-inch black gloss wheels. They’re backed by a sturdy brake system that has four-piston calipers and 14-inch (356 millimeters) discs on the front, and 11.7-inch discs (297 millimeters) and two-piston brakes in the rear. These discs are a significant improvement on the standard discs with a diameter of 11.5 inches (292 millimeters) in front and 10.5 inches (267 millimeters) rear. It’s obvious that the GR Corolla has impressive stopping performance and is durable enough to withstand repeatedly running. However, due to the number of journalists seeking an opportunity to test drive, Toyota had to break the leaf blowers open to allow the Corolla to cool down between laps.

There will be plenty to talk about regarding this GR Corolla in the future but the car seems to provide an easy, but robust ride. It’s important to remember that, after spending a long time riding in car Supras and Lexus LCs, I was delighted to find is it GR Corolla offers plenty of headroom, even when wearing helmets. The sport seats offer a cushioning system that is comfortable as well as the three-cylinder engine with triple exhaust give an athletic sound that’s better than I had hoped for.

2023 Toyota GR Corolla Review & Specs

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

While the current Corolla is among the most efficient choices for fuel efficiency, and is also extremely slow in its performance and driving style the highest-performance GR model has been designed to provide the highest performance. Due to its small 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine however, it is expected to give good fuel efficiency. We expect to see an EPA highway score of around 30 mpg. This puts it in the middle between the Veloster N (29 mpg highway) and the Golf GTI (32 mpg highway). For more information about the GR Corolla’s fuel consumption, go to the website of EPA.


The GR Corolla shares the majority of its interior with the standard Corolla hatchback. This means that it is stylish and soft-touch surfaces, and a variety of options, but also with more sporty interior trim and seats. Its standard options include lighting throughout the interior, the driver’s seat with six different positions with a push-button for starting and stop the car, as well as aluminium covers on the pedals. Automatic thermostats, heated seating and a heated steering wheel are come with the Circuit Edition, which also features suede and faux leather upholstery in place of the cloth-covered upholstery of the base version. The Morizo Edition promises an even more exciting experience, but it’s at the cost of practicality; Toyota has removed the rear seats, the rear speakers, and even the window washer that was mounted on the hatchback in order to save any weight that is possible. Less weight equals quicker lap times. The front seats come with the exclusive red-black-black upholstery, and it has a fashionable faux suede cover for the shift knob, parking brake lever, as well as the wheel’s rim.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The 8.0-inch info display of 8.0 inches that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available as a standard. It also includes Amazon Alexa capability and an On-board Wi-Fi hotspot. The Technology bundle that comes with Core models has eight speaker JBL stereo system as well as an wireless charging pad for smartphones along with the navigation system on the dashboard. These options are also available as circuit versions. Circuit Edition.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Toyota offers a substantial part of its driver-assistance capabilities available in all of their vehicles, and the GR Corolla is no different. Numerous desirable features for technology are included in the entire collection, including adaptive cruise control, as well as pedestrian and cyclist detection and automatic high-beam headlamps. For more details on the Corolla’s crash test, visit this page on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. The most crucial safety features include:

  • Standard automatic emergency brake that includes pedestrian detection
  • Standard lane departure warning , with aid to stay in the track
  • The adaptive cruise control is the standard feature.

2023 Toyota GR Corolla Release Date & Price

The release date for the Toyota Corolla is set to be later in 2022 but this is applicable to its core Trim level. The limited-run Circuit Edition, meanwhile (which is the one you really want), will be coming out in 2023 and is a launch-year-exclusive model. At present, we’re in a place where we are at a point where 2023 Toyota Corolla’s pricing is not yet determined. Based from the information we’ve got regarding the new car we’re estimating that it’ll cost approximately 35,000 dollars MSRP in the USA. The competition include the new Volkswagen Golf R and the coming Honda Civic Type R. The Golf R is also available with a manual gearbox which costs $43,645. It’s more efficient than that is the Toyota and costs more but we’re anticipating the GR Corolla’s frenzied 3-pot chassis and quirky design to be more fun. What’s the closest thing to the MSRP dealers have identified is the GR Corolla for is another thing completely.